online complaint process will be launched by lokayukta of karnataka

hi Mr.Sridhara Babu N, i'm Capt ___________ currently working with the indian army. My father passed away in 2003. he had seperated from us long back, but my parents were not divorced. he married another woman. when he passed away in 2003, we had applied for heirship certificate and so did the other woman whom my father had married later. the heirship is disputed and is still in the court. my mother passed away in Aug 2007 after prolonged illness. i was in the field and applied for heirship certificate on 9 Jan 08 at hubli tehsildar office. there is no other claimant for legal heirship. but we have not yet been issued the heirship certificate and the person who has to send the enquiry report to the tehsildar office giving a clearance for issuing heirship certificate says that as my fathers heirship is disputed,and due to this they cannot issue us our mothers heirship certificate though there are no disputes regading my mothers heirship certificate. he also says that if given money, he can help us get the cert quickly. due to my job constraints i'm not able to visit my native time and again and i kindly request you to guide me in obtaining heirship certificate.eagerly waiting for kind reply

Your case is clear, tahsildar office cannot refuse to give heirship certificate to your mother's assets and rights. From tuesday (25-03-2008) online complaint process will be launched by lokayukta of karnataka. Please utilise such service and complain against tahsildar for making delay in providing you such certificate. They (tahsildar) cannot assign the reason that your fathers heirship issue is in court hence mothers heirship certificate cannot be issued. You have every right to take such certificate. Pls complain the matter to Hon'ble lokayukta on tuesday or thereafter.

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