Dear Sir,
Hello, I would like to get an advise from you that how can I proceed with my case, the details of which is as under.
1. My father passed away on 21 March 1996 and has left behind, My step mother, my step brother younger than me and my two sisters from my mother who passed away long back in 1964, when I was just one year old.
2. We all (step brother & step Mother) living together in one house all along our life.
3. I am working outside the country as an engineer from last 14 years & goes every year to my home for two months along with my family who also lives with me abroad.
4. Now from last one year my brother's attitude is all together different and he also not allowed to mother to cantact me.
5. We have a house with 40 marllas land, which costs to approx one core Indian rupees.
6. My brother is not ready for any decision and always tries to extend the time without meaning decision.
What shall I do, Please advise.

Under your muslim law all the descendants of your father hold different shares in the property. It is held by your brother in trust, you can seek seperation and declaration of your share by filing case in the appropriate jurisdiction court. You can give Special power of attorney to some of your trusted person to file such case in indian court. First issue legal notice for seperation and then file case. Even if you are working outside your share cannot be denied by your brother.For further details contact your nearby advocate.

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