laws regarding this non-permanent structures

Message = Sir,I am an entrepreneur trying to brings pre-fabricated homes and offices to Bangalore.My clients would buy/rent these structures from me, and have it erected on open land that they rent/lease from landowners.These structures could be offices/homes, restaurants, showrooms, factories, warehouses etc. The technology is available to build upto 5 stories.These structures are temporary and can be removed in a matter of days.My questions are:1) what are the laws regarding this (non-permanent structures)?2) what clearances do i need - land dept, electricity dept, dept of posts etc.i would be obliged if you can give suggestions.
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First let me wish you good prosperity in your business.

Regarding the applicability of laws

1. Your clients should get building licence for constructing even such temporary structures from concerned municipality and urban development authority. Land should have been converted.

2. Better if Such structures should be endorsed by higher authorities of fire department, and pollution controll department stating that it is not harmfull and it is fully safer for human use and occupation.

3. Once NOC is issued by Municipality then your client will get electricity connection except to the multi storey structures wherein separate criteria is there in electricity department.

4. Under land revenue laws any structure fastened either permanently or temporarily to earth is included in land and hence land revenue is applicable to such structures also.

5. See to it that if your client is a party taking structures on rent, verify whether such land is converted land or not. Verify whether suitable permission is obtained or not.

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