I m married now and want to own a agricultural land - my father has a agricultural land

Message = Sir, my father has a agricultural land(HUF Land)in my native place. I m married now and want to own a agricultural land in pune, place where i m married. But my husband dont have any agri. land i.e. no name in 7/12 form. So, the authorities say that he cant own any such land as he is not a farmer. Since i cant demand partition in my father's HUF even i dont hold any 7/12. My question was can i still purchase that land because i m famer's daughter. Sir, please do reply if there is any other way to buy that land.

Mrs ____________

Obtain a certificate from your fathers village panchayath stating that your father is having so and so survey numbered agricultural land and he is farmer with following sons and daughters. All the persons belong to agricultural family. And have agriculture as their primary source of occupation. This certificate is enough for you.

If you are planning to buy in karnataka there is another barrier that your income from non-agricultual sources does not exceed Rs 2 lakhs averge in preceding five years. Inother states also there are different barriers kindly consult your nearby advocate or study Land Reforms legislation of your choice state.

In karnataka there is another way to buy apply with assistant commissioner to give permission to buy agricultural land. He gives permission on several conditions that you should not use such land for other purpose for 5 years.

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