Authorities are bound to send notice before acquisition

Message = Respected SirMy father having his land in the ______area opposite to ______________,I have comformed information that very soon the road adjuscent to our mulgi is going to be acquired for road widening.My Father is in the states and how he can get information any demolisition of the building on his land .If I want to know about his land acquisition to whom I ask,are they going to give any compensation for land acquisation etc,I want to inform about my fathers correspondence address torevelent authority will send the information directly to him.I request you to please help me in this regard.Thanking you


To widen the road there are two options for authorities.

If that road is encroached by the declared road margin then no compensation will be paid to buildings.

If that road is not encroached by the declared road margin, later if there is declaration in CDP to increase road dimension, then to implement such development plan acquisition has to be made and compensation has to be given.

consult your Urban Development Authority or Concerned Municipality to know about such affairs. The authorities are bound to send notice before acquisition to the address available in revenue records hence file any change of address to enter such address in revenue records

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